MicroEJ Debugging Tools Training

MICROEJ VEE enables hardware abstraction, which greatly facilitates software development and code portability.

Low friction on hardware brings a new debugging paradigm with a separation of concerns:

  • Managed Code execution semantic is identical on real and virtual devices:
    • The developed code can be tested, qualified and debugged in a simulated environment
    • Mocks can create unique faulty conditions very hard to produce with hardware
  • Reliable execution of Managed Code on the real device is guaranteed thanks to MEJ32 validation and a proper integration:
    • MicroEJ Port Qualification Tools allow to validate the vertical integration of MEJ32 (Foundation Library → Abstraction Layer → C Library → Driver)

The MicroEJ-Debug-Tools (2.9 MB) presentation provides an overview of the tools provided to developers to debug an application.

The use of the debug tools is illustrated through simple examples.

Alex for MicroEJ