Error when building a module with SDK 4.1.5

I have the following error when trying to build a module.
I am using SDK 4.1.5 and this module used to build, I don’t know what changes I may have made to trigger this behavior.


[easyant-load-module] unknown protocol: c
[easyant-load-module] 	at<init>(


* Problem Report:

Error : problem while parsing Ivy module file: 
Cause : Can't parse module descriptor
	at org.apache.easyant.tasks.ResolvePlugins.execute(
	at org.apache.easyant.tasks.LoadModule.loadBuildModule(
	at org.apache.easyant.tasks.LoadModule.execute(
	at org.apache.easyant.core.EasyAntEngine.executeTask(
	at org.apache.easyant.core.EasyAntEngine.loadProject(
	at org.apache.easyant.core.EasyAntMain.runBuild(
	at org.apache.easyant.core.EasyAntMain.startAnt(
	at org.apache.easyant.core.EasyAntMain.start(
	at org.apache.easyant.core.EasyAntMain.main(
Caused by: Invalid file path
	at org.apache.ivy.plugins.parser.xml.XmlModuleDescriptorWriter.write(
	at org.apache.ivy.plugins.parser.xml.XmlModuleDescriptorWriter.write(
	at org.apache.ivy.core.module.descriptor.DefaultModuleDescriptor.toIvyFile(
	at org.apache.ivy.core.cache.DefaultResolutionCacheManager.saveResolvedModuleDescriptor(
	at org.apache.ivy.core.resolve.ResolveEngine.resolve(
	at org.apache.easyant.tasks.ResolvePlugins.execute(
	... 8 more

Total time: 1 second

Thank you.

Hi Mehdi,

This is most likely an instance of this issue: ESP32 WROVER build module failed

You probably updated your JRE/JDK setup.

With SDK 4.1.5, you can fallback on the previous behavior by setting the Ant property to true.

Hope that helps.