[WooreeINFO] Porting our Java application to MicroEJ/ Java VM, from OpenJDK

Dear MicroEJ,

We’re about to start porting our Java application, which has been developed and tested on top of OpenJDK up until now, to your Java VM, on top of NXP LPCXpresso54608 device first of all.

Do you think you can advise me regarding to this porting work?

The areas under my immediate concerns are as:

Where to start to create a project for this?
What would be an effective way to add third party libraries in Java to this project?
How to handle all those classpath information on compilation?

Thanks much in advance for your advice.

YH Kwon

Dearh @kwonyh,

What libraries are you missing? You can use a tool (dependency discover) that will list the APIs you are missing from your java application (https://github.com/MicroEJ/Tool-DependencyDiscoverer).


Dear Pierre Rivron,

Thanks for your feedback, and i got the result. However i would like to share it with you by email because we need some privacy with its contents.

Hope you could give me back your comments by email as well.

YH Kwon