[WooreeINFO] Porting MicroEJ/ Java VM on top of CMSIS-RTOS

Dear MicroEJ,

i have a quick question today regarding to porting the MicroEJ Java VM on top of CMSIS-RTOS(https://os.mbed.com/handbook/CMSIS-RTOS) as:

1> Whether this porting work could be accomplished without direct interfaces to the real RTOS like FreeRTOS or ARM Mbed?

2> Does MicroEJ have any such experience?

The reason why for these questions, must be having a single set of source codes for all those porting works among the different RTOS’s and/or different hardware devices.

Thanks much in advance for the feedback.

YH Kwon


The MicroEJ JVM port for mbed is already using the CMSIS RTOS API.
Please see links and source code in one of our previous reply here:

kind regards,