[WooReeINFO] (Java VM/porting) TLS/DTLS integration with a separate security chip

Dear MicroEJ,

i have a quick question regarding to porting Java VM for one of our customers, where they are embedding a separate security chip for encryption/decryption due to some reason.

Could you please advise me about what would be the best approach in this case?

Thanks much in advance for your feedback.

YH Kwon

Dear @kwonyh,

Is your dedicated security chip compatible with an existing TLS stack (e.g. mbedTLS or WolfSSL)?

If so, there is no need to adapt your platform to use the hardware chip since we already have this kind of port.
If not, is it possible for you to do a mbedTLS, wolfSSL or other TLS stack backend using your security chip?

Best regards,