Where should I download and install MicroEJ Studio?

Hi guys.

I have downloaded the MicroEJ SDK for development. Now I still want to try MicroEJ Studio, but I can’t find a download method. How can I download MicroEJ Studio?

Thanks a lot

Hi @sonlnse,

The MICROEJ STUDIO is a lighter version of MICROEJ SDK, targeted for Java Sandboxed Applications development. It is deprecated in favor of MICROEJ SDK.
Nevertheless, it can still be used in case MICROEJ SDK has to be customized with specific branding.

What do you want to do with MICROEJ STUDIO ?


Thank you for your reply. I want to try developing a Java sandbox program using MicroEJ Studio. I am not particularly familiar with using the MicroEJ SDK for development, and I would like to try using MicroEJ Studio.

All you have to do is just to jump to the documentation: Sandboxed Application — MicroEJ Documentation

Also I suggest you to have a look to MICROEJ SDK introduction: SDK User Guide — MicroEJ Documentation