What's the meaning of java vm execution error number?

I ran a standalone app in my STM32F746GDISCO, it showed the following error string:
“VM execution error (err = -18).”
What does the error number “-18” mean ?How to solve this kind of error?


This exit code is returned when the Java heap or the Immortal heap is not writable or not consistent with the implementation of LLBSP_IMPL_isInReadOnlyMemory() (for example, if LLBSP_IMPL_isInReadOnlyMemory() returns 0 for an address included into the Java Heap)

This exit code that has been introduced in MicroEJ Architecture version 7.10.0.

Please double check the memory locations of the Java heap (ELF section _java_heap) and Immortal heap (ELF section _java_immortals) in the linker file and the implementation of LLBSP_IMPL_isInReadOnlyMemory().