What are the supported ISA by MicroEJ?

Dear MicroEJ team,

I stopped by your booth at CES, and saw the nice NXP table, full of demos and supported NXP boards.
Does MicroEJ support other silicon vendors, such as modules makers etc… And do you have a list of the supported ISA, and the silicon vendors you support ?

Thanks for your feedback

Hi John,

You’ll find the full list of supported architectures here at [1] (see the architecture section).
We provide platform reference implementations (in source) for many silicon vendors (see [1] in the platform section), including NXP, ST, Renesas…
We can also offer services to support any other ISA or a particular silicon vendor evaluation board.

Stephane, MicroEJ.

[1] http://developer.microej.com/products.html

Thanks Stephane.
This is impressive… Maybe you shall have such a pointer in your FAQ ?


Thank you for your feedback, here is a post in the FAQ that matches your needs:

Gaëtan for MicroEJ

Hi Gatean,
The link for the Architectures Platforms does not work.
The URL http://developer.public/products.html#arch looks a bit odd, with an .public extension ?

Hi John
We fixed it, ty.