Welcome to the MicroEJ SDK forum!

MicroEJ SDK is used by firmware and application developers to create mixed C/Java software to be flashed in their electronic board’s memory. They can also build and publish a virtual device to MicroEJ Store so app developers can create pure Java apps with MicroEJ Studio.

MicroEJ SDK provides the Eclipse-based development tools and embedded software libraries used to build a custom instance of the MicroEJ OS tailored to the targeted hardware, for the chosen processor architecture.

MicroEJ SDK users can start from binary platforms for supported HW evaluation kit from silicon vendors. They can also get platform reference implementation source code, including the full board support package (BSP) and derive it for their custom hardware.

Firmware developers create first a MicroEJ platform that includes the BSP and selected components of the MicroEJ OS and Libraries. Then they can add Java add-on libraries and their own Java applications. If app developers don’t have the hardware, they can build a simulator of their hardware with MicroEJ SDK and use it to write, run and debug their Java code on their development host.

MicroEJ SDK allows developer to build either a single-app MicroEJ OS that runs a standalone application, or a multi-app MicroEJ OS that runs multiple sandboxed apps (cf. the MicroEJ glossary)

This forum is the area to ask questions and share experience about : MicroEJ SDK tools, simulator, BSP, MicroEJ OS, platforms, firmware, standalone apps.

Customers with commercial development license and up-to-date support and maintenance agreement can contact MicroEJ’s helpdesk at support@microej.com.

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