Websocket & Protobuf


I would like to try your Websocket and Protobuf APIs but on your resources webpage we can see “Features upon request”.
Can I get a beta version of the binary or something else?

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Hi @raffi

You can find the protobuf API at https://developer.microej.com [1], search for protobuf in the library resources. The javadoc can also be found there [2].

Regarding the Websocket API it really depends on your use case? We ported this library on custom use cases and on the specific hardware platforms our customers wanted to support. Maybe you can ask our sales team for more help depending on your use case.


[1] https://developer.microej.com/index.php
[2] https://developer.microej.com/javadoc/microej_4.1/addons/com/google/protobuf/package-summary.html

Thank you!

For the Websocket API, currently it’s just for test the connection between microEJ and our backend…
I would like to try on a simulator, do you have an implementation for an open platform (like “VDE-YELLOW-STM32F746GDISCO-8SG7V (1.11.4)”)?

Otherwise, I will see with your sales team.

Thank you

PS : Do you have a more up-to-date version of protobuf, like 2.6.0 to be able to use “oneof”?
Otherwise, can I build me own protobuf library from google repository?

Thank you

Hi @rafi,

We do not have an Websocket implementation readily available for the Virtual Devices in the getting started pages.

Regarding the protobuf issue, we stripped the library a bit due to embedded constraints (mostly resources consumption) so we do not currently have a newer version available publicly. You can port a newer version of the library providing that you compile the protobuf yourself.

Do not hesitate to ask further questions here or contact our sales team.


Hi @gaetan.harel

Thank you for all your answers!