Wearable round displays : can I create a Virtual Device with a round display for wearable devices?

Dear MicroEJ team,

On your booth at CES, I saw a wearable device with no display (health care ?).
Do you support round displays for wearable ? Where can I found an example of a Virtual Device with a round display that mimics typical physical display from JDI for example (64 colors palette) ?

Looking forward to reading you.
Best Regards


We do not currently have a Virtual Device with a round display available publicly.

Most implementations of round displays are “faked” in memory (i.e it is just a rectangular display that does not use its corner parts). Some implementations are more clever using less memory by not allocating a full square. In any case we support both. We also support a wide variety of manufacturer and display format, so I’m pretty sure we already encountered a Japan Display unit with a limited color palette.


Mister Harel,
Thank you for your reply. When do you plan to have a Virtual Device with a round display. According to your web site, it sounds to be a matter of a few hours to have such Virtual Device. Are they any limitations that block such design ?

Best Regards


There are no design limitations, we do not offer this specific kind of Virtual Device at this time. Maybe in a near future though!

Gaëtan for MicroEJ