Virtual Device for marketing?

Dear MicroEJ team,

Being able to simulate a device is great, although throughout your documentation/web site, I feel that a design environment is needed (either MicroEJ SDK or MicroEJ Studio) to run such simulated device.
Is there a way to run a Virtual Device without the SDK or the Studio, so that any one can play with the design without being an expert of Eclipse ?
As a marketing professional, I would like to double click on a link and “Voila”, the Virtual Device gets animated and I can demonstrate my wearable design to colleagues and others none-technical persons.


Hi John,

We indeed have something akin to this simulated environment you want. This is called a Virtual Device Player, a How-To generate and distribute this Virtual Device Player is in the works to accompany the next release of the MicroEJ SDK, so stay tuned to our announcement and FAQ sections.