VEEPortQualificationTools v2.10.0

Hi all,

We published the version 2.10.0 of our VEE Port Qualification Tools (PQT). The VEE Port Qualification Tools allow the run of automated test suites on MicroEJ VEE Port to ensure that the Virtual Execution Environment and its libraries are correctly integrated.

Here is the latest CHANGELOG:


  • MicroEJ GNSS Validation (Java) 1.0.0
  • MicroEJ FS Validation (Java) 1.1.0
  • MicroEJ EVENT QUEUE Validation (Java) 1.0.0
  • MicroEJ Multi-Sandbox Validation (C) 1.0.0
  • MicroEJ External Resource Loader Validation (Java) 1.0.0


  • MicroEJ UI Validation (Java) 1.4.0
  • MicroEJ VG Validation (Java) 2.5.0
  • MicroEJ SSL Validation (Java) 1.0.2
  • MicroEJ NET Validation (Java) 1.0.2
  • Platform Configuration Additions 2.1.0

Happy coding!
The MicroEJ Team.