Using NLS for internationalization

Hello, I was trying to use NLS, but i had some issues following this tutorial
The generated interface wasn’t found

So I fixed this issue by also adding the following dependency
<dependency org=“com.microej.library.runtime” name=“nls-po” rev=“2.2.0”
My question is that, is this the right way to handle NLS using MicroEJ?

Hello misael1805,

Yes this is the right way to handle NLS with MicroEJ.
The nls-po library (<dependency org="com.microej.library.runtime" name="nls-po" rev="2.2.0"/>) is used to generate the interface from the PO files.
The nls library (<dependency org="ej.library.runtime" name="nls" rev="3.0.1" />) allows to get internationalized messages from the generated interface.

We will update the documentation with this information.

Hope this helps.