Unable to decypher Stack Trace

On a project using E2 Studio, I am unable to decypher the Stack Trace with the Stack Trace Reader of our platform. The error is application.out is not a valid image file or has no debug informations. I have checked the build configuration and the -g option is enabled on the GCC compiler.

What can I check next?

Hi Medhi,
First you have to make sure you have the debug symbols in your file. You can use objdump -g application.out.
If you don’t see any symbols, ensure that you do not remove the symbols later in your build process.

It’s possible that you have a post-build operation in your E2 Studio configuration to strip your binary. It is also possible that your linker strips the symbols (e.g. look for -s option of ld).

Hi Gregoire,
I had the -s and -S options enabled in my linker configuration.

    Omit all symbol information from the output file. 
    Omit debugger symbol information (but not all symbols) from the output file. 

It works when I remove it.

Thank you.