TimeZone support?


From MicroEJ support, TimeZone is not fully supported, but in Java doc : TimeZone

Custom TimeZone can be used.
But this :

TimeZone tz = TimeZone.getTimeZone("GMT+01");

tz.getRawOffset() returns 0, it shall returns 3600000 ?

Hi Charles,

The TimeZone API is currently not readily available for evaluation in MicroEJ. The reason behind this is that the complexity of managing every timezone data for an embedded device is a daunting task consuming a LOT of resources (memory mainly). Moreover timezone data are often updated forcing us to use additional mechanisms for external data input in order to update them. We have in the past supported several timezones for devices in production, but we activate and provide implementations on a per case basis for efficiency purpose.

We leave the API in the runtime for compatibility purpose.

Hope it’ll help.

Thank you for this clear answer.

I suggest you denote it the documentation that the API exist but it is not supported.

I work around the issue by implementing a small timezone handling using only ~30 time zones.
Using it with Calendar object : the job is done :sunglasses: