[STUDIO] New MicroEJ Studio Available v4.1.5

Hi all,

A new version of the MicroEJ Studio is available through the getting started pages [1].

The new version (4.1.5) brings fixes and enhancements:


  • MicroEJ Studio is based on Eclipse Oxygen release (4.7). This indirectly fixes the following issues:
    ** MicroEJ does not boot on macOS (since Java 8 Update 152)
    ** Closing MicroEJ SDK sometimes crashes

Performance Optimizations

  • Globally improved the Add-on Processor execution speed.
  • Added a dedicated console to log Add-on Processor activity.

Heap Analyzer

  • Fixed the swap view, inverted title & color in the compare editor.
  • Added an instance size column and a total size per type computation (only if the instance size is available in the .heap file).
  • When clicking on an object instance, it is automatically expanded into the Instance Browser view.


  • Added a retry mechanism in the testsuite engine. When a test fails, it can be executed again.
  • Configured default connection to MicroEJ Central Repository using https instead of http.
  • Added an explicit error message when a platform cannot be retrieved by the platform-loader build plugin.

Migration Note

  • A popup message indicates the workspace has been created with an older version of the (Eclipse) product. This is normal since MicroEJ was previously based on Eclipse Mars release (4.5). Simply press OK and continue. Although core features have been tested for a while on Eclipse Oxygen, please report any issue or behavior differences that could be related to this migration.

The MicroEJ Team

[1] https://developer.microej.com/getting-started.html