STM32F746-DISCO Multi-Sandbox BLUE VEE v2.0.1


We released a new Multi-Sandbox MicroEJ VEE [1] on for the STM32F746-DISCO [2] evaluation board from STMicroelectronics.

The BLUE VEE is available through the Get Started page at [3] where you can follow on how to flash and evaluate the complete solution.

You can find here the latest addition:

2.0.1 (May 26th 2020)

  • Internal refactor

2.0.0 (February 17th 2020)

  • Removed Weather appplication
  • Added Forge Connect application
  • Virtual Device
    • support installation of FS3 applications

The MicroEJ Team

[1] MicroEJ Developer - MICROEJ VEE Virtual Execution Environment