[SOLVED] Platform build is slower with mmm

Hello MicroEJ team,

I’m using the SDK Dist. 21.11 with SDK 5.6.2 and mmm 1.1.0 (extracted from SDK 5.6.2). In the SDK Dist. I build a platform by using its configuration project and right-clicking on “Build Module”.

I wanted to automate this and instead use a script with a mmm publish local command. The result is the same, at the end of both procedures I have my platform rebuilt successfully.

However the mmm CLI is much slower than the SDK Dist., it can takes a few minutes against a few seconds for the latter.

Is there anything possible to reduce this build time with mmm?



PS: mmm eclipse.home option is setup to C:\Program Files\MicroEJ\MicroEJ-SDK-21.11\rcp.


The build with the MMM CLI takes a bit more time (because of the dependencies resolution which is already done by the SDK), but there should not be such a difference.
Can you get some thread dumps to check where it spends time please (with jstack for example)?
Also please check which JDK version is used to run the build. We have a known slowness problem with JDK 11. Make sure to run with JDK 8. You can check that by using verbose mode (-v).


Indeed it was using a JDK 11, I set JAVA_HOME to use a JDK 8 instead and I got the same build time as in the IDE. Thanks Thomas!