[SOLVED] IntelliJ error Run output


I have an issue with the SDK 6 and a VEE Port using WSL to build the application.

If I don’t set the correct WSL distribution in my scripts an unintelligible error message error will be displayed in IntelliJ when building applications.

It seems to be OK if I use the terminal though, is there a way to fix that in the “Run” output?

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Screenshot in Run output:

Screenshot in Terminal output:

Hi Philip,

The problem is that WSL output is in UTF-16LE instead of UTF-8. You can change its encoding by setting the environment variable WSL_UTF8 to 1.

For instance you can put SET WSL_UTF8=1 in your batch script that calls WSL, or set WSL_UTF8=1 in the Environment variables field of your Run/Debug Configurations in IntelliJ (see capture below).

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Thanks that was it, the error is printed correctly in IntelliJ now.