SOAR linker error

Hello, We have are using SDK and have a platform which includes a net foundation library called ‘net-1.1.jar’

When I have a dependency in my monolithic app of:
<dependency conf=“provided->*” org=“ej.api” name=“net” rev=“1.1.0”/>
the app will build in the SDK

When I switch to the dependency
<dependency conf=“provided->*” org=“ej.api” name=“net” rev=“1.1.1”/>
I get the SOAR Error:

1 : SOAR ERROR [net-1.1.jar[kernel.intern]]
[M52] - No such field VMIDNS at java/net/InetAddress.

I need the rev 1.1.1 for hoka 5.0.0, is this something missing in my platform? I had assumed that the same major-minor version would be compatible.

Hi Andrew,

What version of the platform are you using?
I checked and with the latest repository (1.0.2) and the latest platform (1.2.0), we can use net 1.1.1.

Best Regards,

My mistake, before we had repository 1.0.2 I tried to build a net 1.1.1 module from the source in the net-10.1-api.jar in the 1.2.0 platform and I forgot that it was still in my workspace. No wonder I was having issues !