SOAR execution much slower on a faster machine


I just changed my development laptop to a new one, and I detected that building my firmware on the new laptop is slower than building the same one on my old laptop.

I detected that the bottleneck is during the SOAR phase. My firmware is composed of over 3000 types, and the SOAR build now takes ~55 seconds instead of 42s previously.

Here are some informations:

  • Both laptops are running Windows 10.
  • The old machine is based on an Intel i5 (2015) with 8GB of RAM
  • The new machine is based on an Intel i7 (2020) with 16 GB of RAM
  • MicroEJ SDK 5.1.2 + Architecture 7.11.0.

Do you have an idea of what is happening ?

Slow performance can be related to your antivirus. It is known that Windows Defender is very slow to analyze ZIP files, and MicroEJ SDK manipulates lots of JAR files (which are ZIP files).
We recommend to configure the exclusion list described in the MicroEJ SDK Release Notes (see Advanced Installation Notes section).

So in your case, maybe you don’t have the same antivirus on both laptops or maybe this exclusion list was only configured on your old laptop ?

That’s true: my old laptop was configured with F-Secure antivirus while my new laptop uses Windows Defender by default.
My system administrator will probably update it to F-Secure soon, meanwhile I excluded the folders mentioned in the release notes and now the SOAR build time is less than 25s on my new laptop !