Skip local publication


Is there an option to prevent the ivy publication publish-local when building a module with easyant (blue button in SDK 4.1.5)?
During the development I’m fine with testing my artifacts stored the target~ folder and don’t want to “pollute” my local ivy repository.


The build launched by this button always do a publish-local, it cannot be changed by configuration.
As a workaround, you could change your ivysettings.xml file to publish to another local repository.
Or you can also override the ivy-publication:publish-local target (the target which does the publication) in a file override.module.ant located at the root of your project:

<project name="org.apache.easyant.buildtypes#standard-java-app"
   	<target name="ivy-publication:publish-local">

By emptying the target, nothing is done by the target, so no publication.
But that requires to adapt your project sources files.

Starting from the SDK 5.4.0 it is now possible to launch the build in command line and decide which target to use, so you can execute:

mmm build

to launch the build without publication, and

mmm publish local

if you want to build with publication.

Hope this helps,