Simulator using target characteristics - Cortex-M4


I would like to use my simulator with the “same” config as my target, in order to check some OutOfMemory problems.
I found an option “Use Target Characteristics” (Run-> Run Configuration… -> Configuration -> Simulator), but I always got this error using the simulator :
ERROR: heap is out of memory.
Exception in thread “DISPLpmp” java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

The target does not face this SupportDouble problem.

I read that Cortex-M4 does not support double precision, but I mostly use integer/float.

Did I miss something in my config ?

Best regards,

Hi @eim,

Among others Use Target Characteristics simulate the java heap and immortal heap size.
You have an out of memory, which means that you reach the maximum usage of the heap.

You can increase it in the launch configuration, in the configuration tab. Do you have the same configuration on the launch you use for the target and the sim?