Significance of "conf=provided->*" for ej.api modules?


I have received a deliverable from MicroEJ (an application) with the following snippet in the module.ivy file:

  	Put MicroEJ API dependencies to the "provided->*" configuration
  	Other regular runtime dependencies are in the "default" configuration  
  <dependency org="ej.api" name="edc" rev="1.2.3"/>
  <dependency org="ej.api" name="bon" rev="1.3.0"/>
  <dependency org="ej.api" name="net" rev="1.1.1"/>

I was under the impression that conf=provided->* was necessary in this case. Should it be added or is there a reason it was left out?

As mentioned in the comment, a MicroEJ Foundation Library API dependency must be declared with the the provided->* configuration. This is necessary in order to be replaced at build-time by the implementation provided by the target Platform.

This configuration is required for MicroEJ 4.x, but is no more required on MicroEJ 5.x since API modules are automatically detected. Using the MicroEJ 4.x notation still works on MicroEJ 5.x.

In summary, your snippet will work on MicroEJ 5.x, but not on MicroEJ 4.x.

According to the snippet content, it sounds like this is a module that has been upgraded from MicroEJ 4.x to MicroEJ 5.x but the legacy comment has not been removed.

Please inform your customer care representative so that he may be able to remove the comments.

Thank you Frederic.

This answers my question, but I am a but confused about the meaning of MicroEJ 4.x, MicroEJ 5.x.

Is this a version of the SDK or Studio? I see the latest SDK is 4.1.5 and the latest Studio is 19.05. Could you clarify?


When not mentioned, it applies on both Studio & SDK (in this case, we are talking about MicroEJ Module Manager).

About the difference on the Getting Started pages: we are migrating our Getting Started pages based on MicroEJ Studio/SDK Distribution 19.05.

The Getting Started page for MicroEJ Studio has just been updated this week, while the Getting Started page for MicroEJ SDK will follow in a few days.

However, MicroEJ SDK Distribution 19.05 is already available for customers. Please contact your customer care representative in order to be in sync about the base version for your project.

You can also consult the MicroEJ Studio / SDK release notes ( for more details.