Setting property continue to copy the platform files to the target folder


How to avoid copying the platform files into target directory when using a local platform from the SDK workspace.
I’m using the property to setup the platform.

This can save me some build time.

     [copy] Copying 12391 files to C:\Users\jcole\Documents\project\target~\platform
     [copy] Copied 2245 empty directories to 3 empty directories under C:\Users\jcole\Documents\project\target~\platform


The Platform has to be copied to a temporary location since it can be altered during the build phase.
For example, it can be augmented with testsuite modules or shrinked to produce a Virtual Device.

However, it is possible to speed-up the copy by deleting the javaAPIs directory.
This directory contains lots of files for Foundation Libraries javadoc. These files are not used by a Firmware build or a test suite.


Hope this can help.


Thank you, It removes 1208 files by deleting the javaAPIs folder. The copy is a bit faster now.