Serial to Socket from a shell


I would like to launch the serial to socket from a shell

I can redirect the serial to a TCP server like this
grabserial --device=/dev/ttyACM0 | nc -l 5555 -4

but I would prefer using the same exec as in the IDE if possible

Thanks a lot!


Hi Guido,
Running the serialToSocket tools from the shell is doable.
You will find the serialToSocket jar in the /source/tools folder of your veeport platform.

To run this tool you also need to locate the java.library.path corresponding to your os.
All version are available in the /source/resources/os folder:

To run the tool you have to execute this command:

java -cp “/source/tools/*” -D java.library.path=“/source/resources/os/<your_os>” com.is2t.serialsockettransmitter.SerialToSocketTransmitterBatch -port <your_com_port> -hostPort <your_net_port>

The arguments of serial to socket are: