[RESOLVED] Troubleshooting MicroEJ Firmware Build Issue: ClassFormatError


I’m currently following the tutorial Create a MicroEJ Firmware From Scratch.

I’ve encountered an issue with MicroEJ architecture 7.14.0 while building the firmware at the step outlined in Configure BSP Connection in MicroEJ Application:

=============== [ Initialization Stage ] ===============
[INFO ] Launching in Evaluation mode. Your UID is XXXXXXXXXX
=============== [ Launching SOAR ] ===============

Could not create type soarTask due to java.lang.ClassFormatError: Class name is empty or contains illegal character in descriptor in class file com/is2t/mowana/soar/product/C

Could you please assist me with this issue?



We updated the tutorial five days ago to point to an updated MICROEJ Architecture that you should use. It fixes this issue.

The link here is up to date with a 7.20.3 MICROEJ Architecture.

Gaëtan for MicroEJ

this works thank you!