[RESOLVED] [KF] Can an application stop itself?


I’ve been looking into application management with KF.
I understand that the Kernel can stop an application with Feature.stop().
But it does not seem this method is part of the runtime API (neither is Kernel.getContextOwner() which would seem the only way for a feature to get its Feature instance.)

So, my questions are:
Can an application be stopped by itself ?
If not, when an application has terminated its execution, how should the associated resources be released ?


Hi Alan,

No, a Feature cannot stop itself. The call to Feature.stop() must be triggered by the Kernel.

This is described in section 4.1 Type References of the KF Specification:

However, you can still decide to open a custom API in your Kernel to do that. The following code snippet should work:

	public static void stopMe() {
		Feature f = (Feature) Kernel.getContextOwner();
		// [here] optionally add a Permission check to stop itself
		do {
		} while (f.getState() != State.INSTALLED);


Hi Frédéric,

Thank you for the clarification and the recommendation !

Best regards,