[RESOLVED] Kernel Packager when trying to build a multiapp firmware


I’m trying to build a simple multiapp firmware, but it fails with a KERNEL PACKAGER ERROR:

     [java]      [echo] =============== [ Kernel Packager ] ===============
     [java] [kp:kernelPackager] 1 : KERNEL PACKAGER ERROR :
     [java] [kp:kernelPackager] [M1] - The file [C:/Users/moss/Project/firmware/target~/firmware.Main/application.out] could not be loaded.
     [java] [kp:kernelPackager] (in C:/Users/moss/Project/firmware/target~/firmware.Main/application.out)
     [java] BUILD FAILED

What I’ve done:

  • created a new project in my SDK File > New > Module Project
  • selected build-firmware-multiapp skeleton
  • edited module.ivy to add my platform as dependency

What am I doing wrong?



The build of a Kernel Application require the executable to be built using the SDK.

You have to configure BSP connection options depending on your Platform configuration (partial or full connection)

Most likely you only have to set the option deploy.bsp.microejscript=true.

See also BSP Connection for more details.


Thanks Frederic, it works!