[RESOLVED] Invalid license check (No license found). when dongle is connected


I’m trying to build an application using an evaluation platform and I’m facing the following license check error.
Note that I have a valid and connected license dongle.

Platform connected to BSP location '\P0065_ESP32-WROVER-Platform/ESP32-WROVER-Xtensa-FreeRTOS-bsp' using platform option 'root.dir' in 'bsp/bsp.properties'.
[INFO ] Launching in Evaluation mode. Your UID is 5DB04********.
[ERROR] Invalid license check (No license found).


It is not possible to run an Evaluation Platform with an active USB dongle.

Evaluation and production licenses are exclusive, as described in License documentation:

So you have two options:

  • either create an Evaluation License
  • or rebuild your Platform with the equivalent Production Architecture
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OK, thanks for the information.