[RESOLVED] Dynamic feature loading issue - SEVERE: ej.kf.InvalidFormatException: code=58 - Max 16


I’m working on a multi-app firmware. When trying to load 20 applications, the final 4 application fails with the following exception:

SEVERE: ej.kf.InvalidFormatException: code=58
Exception in thread "main" ej.wadapps.application.ApplicationOperationException: ej.kf.InvalidFormatException: code=58

Note that: i have enough memory to load all the applications and the apps final binaries are valid as i’m able to load them one by one. It seems like if the dynamic feature are limited to 16 somehow.
Any clue on that ?

Thank you


You are right, by default, the maximum number of Features that can be dynamically installed is set to 16.

You can change this value by specifying the option core.memory.dynamic.features.size.
I just figure out this option is currently not documented in the Device Developer’s Guide.


Hello Frederic,

It works thank you!