Real-time Timer and ej.ecom.can

I’m trying to find a class that offers real-time guarantees. There is no information about that and all the classes that I’ve found didn’t offer real-time guarantee. Does the HAL give us access to any timer of the hardware? Can anyone help me about that?
Also, I tried to use ej.ecom.can library to use CAN. but I couldn’t find any information about how to use it. Would you please give me a link or document related to this problem?

Hi @anita_khb,

What do you mean by classes offering real-time guarantees, do you mean calling Java methods with a worst-case execution time?
The HAL library does not offer control of the hardware timers, but you can use the Timer and TimerTask classes in Java [1][2].

ej.ecom.can is not available publicly since it requires native parts that are not available in all MicroEJ Virtual Devices and Platforms [3]. If you need this library for execution I suggest you contact our sales team.

Gaëtan for MicroEJ