Questions about STM32F746 Platform

I’m using STM32f746G-Disco platform from this page,

  • First, as you can see, this platform uses MicroUI v2.x, And I’m not able to run MicroUI v3.x example on my target;
    Is this possible to update MicroUI library version of that platform? I tried many ways but wasn’t successful.

  • Second problem is, How should I use the IAR project as a Third-Party IDE with this platform? IAR project which exist in this platform does not even get compiled, And looks like this platform is not compatible with IAR.

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Hi @SAM ,

The version you linked is compatible with Keil 5.06 update 4, it is specified in the at the root of the archive. We do not have the architecture or packs that are compatible with the MicroUI 3.x library and Keil 5 publicly, please contact our sales team if you want them.

However it is totally possible to update the UI libraries for the platform and use IAR, you would have to update the whole architecture of your platform and your UI pack to the latest available for CortexM7 IAR, the latest packages are available here:

You will also need a good knowledge of the underlying abstraction layer to do a version migration.
You can find the documentation for platform creation here: Platform Developer Guide — MicroEJ Documentation and more specifically for the UI: Graphical User Interface — MicroEJ Documentation.

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Thanks for your answer,

Another question is; according to the supported hardware you published for STM32 MCUs, Is that totally possible to run MicroEJ on STM32H7 MCUs? Because it’s using Cortex-M7, same as STM32F7;

Or it’s not possible for me at all? Do I only need to change the BSP project source files?

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Hi again,

Yes it is possible. I would advise to start from scratch (i.e using the whole from another platform and modfying), what you will need is:

I also advise to take a look at this platform: GitHub - MicroEJ/Platform-STMicroelectronics-STM32F7508-DK: This project is used to build a MicroEJ Platform for the STM32F7508-DK development board. rather than continuing basing your work on the STM32F746, it is newer and easier to grasp how to use the PQT with it.

Hope it’ll help.
Gaëtan for MicroEJ

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