Production dongle not recognized anymore

I’m puzzled as my dongle stopped working today.
I checked the expiration date (as advised here Does the Dongle expire?) and my dongle has not expired.

I checked the ID as advised on Licenses — MicroEJ Documentation and my id is: USB\VID_096E&PID_0006&REV_0109
However the doc says it should be HID\VID_096E&PID_0006&REV_0201. Does the REV matter?
What else can I do?

Thank you.


Can you give me a little bit more details on your environment ?

  • on which Operating System you checked your dongle is not expired (aka has been recognized) ?
  • on which Operating System the dongle is not recognized ?



Hi Frederic,

That was a false alarm. There is no issue. The dongle is recognized.
My issue was that I checked the license of an EVAL platform and my license for this one has expired.
The PROD platform is working just fine.
Sorry for the noise and thanks for the help.



Just to be complete, the USB revision id does not matter.

Only the Product Id and Vendor Id must be the equals, as you can see in the Linux usb rules: