Prevent platform headers overwrite during testsuite


I’m running a testsuite on a platform and I need to do a change in the platform headers.

However they are overwritten for every test:

[testsuite:javaTestsuite]      [echo] The MicroEJ platform header files (*.h) have been deployed to...

Is there a way to prevent this?



Hi Philip,

When building a MicroEJ application this is the value of the property deploy.bsp.microejinc that will enable or disable the copy of the headers, see BSP connection options here. In this case you will need to set it to false.

Furthermore you are running a testsuite so this property needs to be prefixed with, see for example this line in a configuration template.

Finally all you need to do is to add to your file in the testsuite project.

Best regards,


Thanks Benjamin! It worked!