Portability of a project done with openjdk-18

Is it possible to develop a spring boot application using MicroEJ?
I would like to port an OpenJDK-18 application for an embedded application.
Is it possible to recompile the project in order to be run by an embedded device?
Or I should start from scratch?

Please send me your input on this project. I am new to MicroEj.
Thank you in advance.


Spring boot is a heavy framework for resource constrained devices. What you can do is to reuse the application logic by moving it to another webserver suitable for embedded devices.

MicroEJ does have a webserver providing HTTP/1.1 and REST endpoints routing.

You can find some examples here including a REST API: GitHub - MicroEJ/ExampleJava-Hoka: Examples using the HOKA HTTP Server.

Hopefully, it helps.

Thank you for the information. I’ll do some demos and study the rest api examples included in the links.
I’ll find my answers I need.