Platform Sources for EFR32BG22 Thunderboard from Silicon Labs

Hello all,

We published new platform sources for the Silicon Labs EFR32BG22 Thunderboard evaluation kit [1].

These platform sources enable you to use the core part of the MicroEJ runtime, running on top of Micrium OS RTOS.

They are using a BSP from the Silicon Labs Gecko SDK using Simplicity Studio [2]. Be sure to follow the specific README for the BSP. Next, you can play with the foundation libraries examples available on our Github repository [3].

Happy Coding!
The MicroEJ Team

[1] SLTB010A EFR32BG22 Thunderboard Kit - Silicon Labs
[2] Simplicity Studio - Silicon Labs
[3] GitHub - MicroEJ/Example-Standalone-Foundation-Libraries: This project gathers all the basic examples of the foundation libraries.