Platform Qualification Tools v2.3.0

Hi all,

We published a new version of our Platform Qualification Tools (PQT). The Platform Qualification Tools allow to run automated test suites on MicroEJ platforms to ensure that the Virtual Execution Environment and its libraries are correctly integrated.

Here is the latest changelog:

2.3.0 – 2021-01-13

The main changes of this release are the addition of the Java Test Suite Filesystem for FS API and the Platform Configuration Additions 1.1.0.


  • Add Filesystem Test Suite.
  • Add Build Script example for CDT.
  • README for the Build Scripts Examples.


  • Use svn export instead of svn checkout to retrieve Platform Configuration Addition without creating a .svn directory.
  • Ensure MicroEJ Platform Configuration Additions scripts are properly copied into the MicroEJ Platform.
  • Use ***.platform as default name of the Platform Configuration file.
  • Fix platform build when launching for the first time MicroEJ SDK.


  • Platform Configuration Additions 1.1.0 with Platform module build using MMM.

Good Testing!
The MicroEJ Team