Offline SDK update and Ivy archives

I am in the process of configuring the SDK to build in an offline mode and have the following questions.

Can an offline installation be configured to perform SDK IDE updates. Currently the online IDE must perform “Help > Check for Updates” and will currently update from 5.1.0 to 5.2.0. Is there a mechanism to update locally from an archive of

I have the latest Ivy archive ( but it’s not clear where such archives should be extracted from in future. The Ivy archive downloaded is accessible from, but these files look not to be persistent, as older versions (mentioned in support responses) do not reside there any more. The current Ivy archive is not present in either. Is this intentional, or is there another location I should be downloading my Ivy archive from?


Hi @dkstones,

We added all the missing versions of offline MICROEJ Central repositories to

You should always download the latest MICROEJ Central repository from

On the subject of the MICROEJ SDK offline update, select the P2 repository you want to update to here Then in MICROEJ SDK:

  • Go to Help > Install New Software....
  • Add a Local Site by selecting Add... in the Work with section.
  • Choose Archive... and select the archive you downloaded.
  • Then add your repository with OK and leave the Available Software dialog with Cancel.
  • You can now update using Help > Check for Updates

Hope it’ll help
Gaëtan for MicroEJ

Thanks for your help @gaetan.harel, it’s much appreciated.