NXP OM13092 Multi-Sandbox Firmware BLUE 1.6.1


We have released an update to the MicroEJ Multi-Sandbox firmware for OM13092 [1] on developer.microej.com .

The new version brings the ability to communicate with the Google Cloud IoT Core services [2]. Also new application samples are available for you to test connecting to Google Cloud on this firmware ThermoPub [3] and Google Edge Plug Agent [4].

The MicroEJ Team

[1] https://developer.microej.com/gcp-nxp-getting-started-iot.html
[2] Cloud IoT Core  |  Google Cloud
[3] https://communitystore.microej.com/applications/5c6c128fabba4d00018402ec
[4] https://communitystore.microej.com/applications/5c6c1183abba4d000184023d


Want to know what is “BLUE” runtime ? Check https://developer.microej.com/runtime-env-firmware.html