NXP i.MX RT 1060 setup problems

I’m trying to setup a desktop to develop Java single-applications for my NXP RT 1060 EVK “MIMXRT1060-EVK”
I’ve installed MicroEJ SDK 19.05 and activated a license.
I have installed the OM13092 single app valuation platform .jps to exercise but now I cannot go over …
What do I have to do in order to develop a 1060 platform (BSP) ?
If I try to File>New>MicroEJ_Platform_Project I find an empty list to choose from. Neither any Architecture is available to start from. Do I miss something?

Looking on the Smart.store I find a procedure to test the 1050 board… https://microej.nxp.com/getting-started/imxrt
is it 1060 compatible?
do I need to perform this procedure to let me program Java applications on the board?


Hi Alessandro,

Here’s a guide to get started on porting on your platform: [Platforming] How to create your own MicroEJ platform on a custom board
Take care that the OM13092 is not the same architecture (Cortex-M4) as RTR1060 (Cortex-M7), so you will need to access the MicroEJ architecture compiled for Cortex-M7 and your C compiler. You can request this to support@microej.com.
Then the porting of the platform can be started (at least one driver to write (C file) for each of the foundations libraries (UI, NETwork, SSL, FS file system), see also the device dev guide here https://docs.microej.com/en/latest/PlatformDeveloperGuide/platform.html
First thing to start with is to create a (FreeRTOS) task running the JVM. You can look at the OM13092 platform demo source as an example.

The 1060 page on microej.nxp.com relates about a pre-built multi application demo firmware, no source available for the platform and not plug&play with the 1050.

We can also help to do some porting to your 1060 hardware, please contact sales@microej.com if any questions.

Kind regards,

Dear Stephane, thank you.
So I will ask you a help to build that platform.
Anyway I’ve purchased a new 1050 ( my 1060 seems to have some display issue) so I will wait to start with that platform.
In the meanwhile I’m having some training on the MicroEJ IDE.
Some questions (I apologize but I’m not so skilled ):

  1. I have downloaded 2 MicroEJ versions…the standard SDK 19.05 from the web and the MicroEJ(Evaluation 3.1.2) from your license manager … which one I should use?
  2. My application , today, is just an early test to try to design GUI based on a NXP MCU … the target is to step into comercial license in order to develop a production application. Which are limits I will face using this evaluation license? Do you suggest to contact sales today?
  3. Along with MicroEJ Evaluation from your Licens manager page I downloaded ARM KEIL but its evaluation license is limited in source code dimensions…do I need to purchase a full license for this too?


  1. Use SDK19.x from https://developer.microej.com/get-started/. The 3.1 is an older (legacy) version.

  2. There are only limitations in the embedded runtime (it’s a time limitation when the binary runs, the code will crash after a few minutes but will work just fine with no limitations instead). No limitation on the simulator side.
    To generate a binary without the limitation, you need to access to a license and contact our sales team.

  3. We provide a specific evaluation license for KEIL (but a code size limitation), if your total code size is higher than the limit you will need a license from them.
    Note that you can also use gcc compiler for free and IAR provides a time limited but with no code size limitation license.

Kind regards,

Dear Stephane,
I’ve tried to contact sales with no success.
I would setup a RT1050 platform to have evaluation for business target.
Can you help me?

we have notified the sales department, they sent you the informations you needed.

Best regards,
Jerome S.