No FreeRTOS Task Awareness on STM32F7508-DK VEE Port


I’m evaluating the Widgets (Release 7.5.1 · MicroEJ/Demo-Widget · GitHub) using STM32F7508 VEE Port (Release 1.6.1 · MicroEJ/VEEPort-STMicroelectronics-STM32F7508-DK · GitHub).
After building the VEE Port and flashing the executable, the Java demo directly runs on the board, it’s quite impressive !

Then I tried to paused the execution in STM32CubeIDE.
The debugger indicates that the firmware is stopped in the idle task, but I don’t have much informations available about which FreeRTOS tasks are running:

Is there any hint to enable it ?
It would be appreciated to have FreeRTOS Kernel awareness enabled by default in your VEE Port.



Update: I was using the launcher application_release, based on the Release configuration. The Release configuration does not enable debug infos (-g0).

I switched to Debug configuration, and now I can see the FreeRTOS task list.