New MICROEJ SDK available v5.8.0

Hello everybody,

We have a new version of MICROEJ SDK available, v5.8.0. This version is a minor version; here is an excerpt of the features and fixes included:

  • Added improvements in Outline view and Instance Browser view (new Owner column, new filters) of the Heap Viewer.
  • Enabled on/off tags in the MicroEJ Java format profile.
  • Updated Code template for Widget.handleEvent to use MWT 3 API.
  • Fixed default Ivy settings file not created at startup.
  • Fixed topological order in Application classpath.
  • Added Gradle dependency line in the generated Javadoc of an artifact repository
  • Removed META-INF folder from firmware-multiapp skeleton.

You can update MICROEJ SDK starting with Distribution 19.05 using the Help > Check for Updates feature.

Find the complete changelog of MICROEJ SDK at

Happy coding!
The MicroEJ Team.