New MicroEJ SDK Available Distribution 21.11

Hi all,

We are proud to announce the release of a brand new and improved MICROEJ SDK Distribution 21.11 containing the latest MICROEJ SDK 5.5.0.

MICROEJ SDK is available at MicroEJ Developer - Get Started With MicroEJ Technology.
You can also update the MicroEJ SDK starting Distribution 19.05 using the Help > Check for Updates feature.

Here are the highlights of the changelog for MICROEJ SDK 5.5.0:

NOTE: This release prepares for future JRE 11 support. However, the only officially supported JRE version is still JRE 8. Please refer to System Requirements for more details.


  • Added Add-On Processor resolution in workspace.
  • Updated tools for both JRE 8 and JRE 11 compatibility.
  • Fixed corrupted font file created by the Font designer when importing large number of glyphs.
  • Updated Architecture version check during Pack import (greaterOrEqual instead of compatible). This allows to import Architecture Specific Pack and Legacy Generic Pack on future Architecture 8.x versions.
  • Updated End User License Agreement.

MicroEJ Module Manager

  • Added bin folder to .gitignore file of module natures Java project skeleton.
  • Added Null Analysis configuration to artifact-checker. When building a module repository, null analysis configuration is only checked on the highest module version included in the repository.
  • Added Eclipse Public License v2.0 to the list of default licenses allowed for artifact-checker.
  • Clarified input messages of mmm init command.
  • Updated artifact-checker plugin binding to target verify. This allow module checks to be executed on builds triggered by a pull request (no publication).
  • Fixed missing artifact-checker plugin to some module natures (custom, firmware-multiapp, firmware-singleapp, microej-javaimpl, microej-mock, microej-testsuite, product-java).
  • Fixed mmm run execution on a firmware-singleapp module (do not trigger the Firmware build).
  • Fixed kf-testsuite plugin test project build.
  • Added support of branch analysis with Sonar.
  • Added ability to package private dependencies to mock module natures (configuration embedded).
  • Added testsuite and javadoc plugin to firmware-singleapp module nature.
  • Added ssh deployment to microej-kf-testsuite plugin.
  • Updated firmware-multiapp to remove the bsp directory in Virtual Devices.
  • Updated firmware-multiapp to allow Virtual Devices for launching a specific main class other than the Kernel main class. This is useful for running JUnit tests using a Virtual Device instead of a Platform.
  • Updated firmware-multiapp to allow Virtual Devices for automatically launching a Sandboxed Application project in MicroEJ Studio.
  • Updated firmware-multiapp to automatically configure the Virtual Device Kernel UID when a Firmware is built.
  • Fixed firmware-multiapp skeleton default dependencies with only modules available in MicroEJ Central Repository.
  • Fixed firmware-multiapp unexpected build error when no declared Resident Application.
  • Fixed firmware-multiapp build which may fail an unexpected Unresolved Dependencies error the first time, for Kernel APIs module dependencies (configuration kernelapi) or Virtual Device specific modules dependencies (configuration default-vd).
  • Fixed firmware-multiapp unexpected build error when no Application (.wpk file) found in the dropins folder.
  • Fixed firmware-multiapp unexpected build error when no declared Resident Application.
  • Fixed firmware-singleapp and firmware-multiapp skeletons wrong package name generation for the default Main class.
  • Fixed artifact-repository changelog check for modules with a snapshot version.

Find the complete MICROEJ SDK release notes at

Happy coding!
The MicroEJ Team

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