New MicroEJ SDK Available Distribution 21.03

Hi all,

We are proud to announce the release of a brand new and improved MICROEJ SDK Distribution 21.03 containing the latest MICROEJ SDK 5.4.0.

MICROEJ SDK is available at MicroEJ Developer - Get Started With MicroEJ Technology.
You can also update the MicroEJ SDK starting Distribution 19.05 by using the Help > Check for Updates feature.

MicroEJ SDK has also been updated to 5.4.1, once you install MICROEJ SDK Distribution 21.03 you should be asked for an update.

Here are the highlights of the changelog for MICROEJ SDK 5.4.0 and 5.4.1:


  • Added MicroEJ Module Manager Command Line Interface in Build Kit
  • Added ignore optional compilation problems in Addon Processor generated source folders
  • Added logs to Standalone Application build indicating the mapping of Foundation Libraries to the Platform
  • Updated End User License Agreement
  • Added the latest HIL Engine API to mock-up skeleton (native resources management)
  • Update the Architecture import wizard to automatically accept Pack licenses when the Architecture license is accepted
  • Added JSCH library to execute MicroEJ test suites on Device through ssh
  • Added pre-compilation phase before executing Addon Processor to have compiled classes available
  • Updated the default settings file to import modules from MicroEJ Developer repository (located at ${user.dir}\.microej\microej-ivysettings-5.4.xml)

MicroEJ Module Manager

  • Fixed missing repository configuration in artifact-repository skeleton (this configuration is required to include modules bundled in an other module repository)
  • Fixed missing some old build types versions that were removed by error. (introduced in MicroEJ SDK 5.4.0, please refer to the Known Issues section for more details)
  • Fixed wrong version of module built in a meta-build (module was published with the module version instead of the snapshot version)
  • Fixed code coverage analysis on source code (besides on bytecode) thanks to the property cc.src.folders (require a Platform based on an Architecture version 7.16.0 or higher)

Build Natures

  • Updated all relevant build types to load the Platform using the platform configuration instead of the test configuration
  • Updated Module Repository to allow to partially include a MicroEJ Architecture module (eval and/or prod)
  • Fixed potential Addon Processor error NoClassDefFoundError: ej/tool/addon/util/Message depending on the resolution order
  • Removed javadoc generation for microej-extension


  • Updated Addon Processor to fail the build when an error is detected. Error messages are dumped to the build logs.
  • Updated Platform Loader to handle Platform module (.zip file)
  • Updated Platform Loader to handle Virtual Device module (.vde file) declared as a dependency. It worked before only by using the dropins` folder.
  • Updated Platform Loader to list the Platforms locations when too many Platform modules are detected


  • Fixed wrong generation for artifact-repository skeleton
  • Removed useless files in microej-javaapi, microej-javaimpl and microej-extension skeletons (intern changelog and .dbk file)

Known Issues

  • Some older build types versions have been removed by error. Consequently, using MicroEJ SDK 5.4.0, it may be not possible to build modules that have been created with an older MicroEJ SDK version (For example, MicroEJ GitHub code). The list of missing build types: build-application 7.0.2, build-microej-javalib 4.1.1, build-firmware-singleapp 1.2.10, build-microej-extension 1.3.2.

Find the complete MICROEJ SDK release notes at

Happy coding!
The MicroEJ Team