New MicroEJ SDK Available Distribution 20.12

Hi all,

We are proud to announce the release of a brand new and improved MICROEJ SDK Distribution 20.12 containing the latest MICROEJ SDK 5.3.1.

MICROEJ SDK is available at MicroEJ Developer - Get Started With MicroEJ Technology.
You can also update the MicroEJ SDK starting Distribution 19.05 by using the Help > Check for Updates feature.

Here are the highlights of the changelog for MICROEJ SDK 5.3.1 and MICROEJ SDK Distribution 20.12:


  • Fixed missing default settings file for connecting MicroEJ Central Repository when starting a fresh install (introduced in 5.3.0)

MicroEJ Module Manager


  • Fixed potential build error when computing Sonar classpath from dependencies (ivy:cachepath task was sometimes using a wrong cache location)


  • Fixed skeleton dependency to EDC-1.3.3 to avoid an Eclipse JDT builder error when Null Analysis is enabled (see known issues of Studio/SDK Distribution 20.10)

Distribution update

  • Disabled Java version check when updating MicroEJ Studio/SDK (see known issues of Studio/SDK Distribution 20.10)

NOTE: If you encountered a non-responsive update window (the Next button not reacting), check your Error Log view, if you have the following problems:

You may have the issue described in the release notes of the MICROEJ SDK Distribution 20.10:

By default, a check is done on the JRE version required by the plugins on install/update. Since CDT requires JRE 11, it prevents to install/update a newer MicroEJ SDK version. The CDT documentation explains that this can be bypassed by disabling the option Windows > Preferences > Install/Update > Verify provisioning operation is compatible with currently running JRE.

Find the complete MICROEJ SDK release notes at Index of /p2.

Happy coding!
The MicroEJ Team