New MicroEJ SDK Available Distribution 20.10

Hi all,

We are proud to announce the release of a brand new and improved MICROEJ SDK Distribution 20.10 containing the latest MICROEJ SDK 5.3. The MICROEJ SDK is available as a distribution meaning MicroEJ packages a fully functional deliverable including the latest and greatest features for our IDE.

MICROEJ SDK is available at MicroEJ Developer - Get Started With MicroEJ Technology.
You can also update the MicroEJ SDK starting Distribution 19.05 by using the Help > Check for Updates feature.

Here are the highlights of the changelog for MICROEJ SDK 5.3 and MICROEJ SDK Distribution 20.10:


  • Updated the various MICROEJ SDK plugins for 2020-06 compatibility.
  • Removed Licenses checks.
  • Fixed an issue of file editors not reopened after restart and an issue about mock classpath building.
  • Disabled a Launch Group configuration and an Error Log option.
  • Enhanced error messages.

MicroEJ Module Manager


  • Fixed workspace default settings file when clicking on the Default button.
  • Fixed issues when resolving using the MicroEJ Module Manager.

Build Natures

  • Modified how a javadoc is built for module repositories.
  • Modified when a code coverage report is generated.
  • Deprecated build-microej-ri and disabled documentation generation.


  • Fixed microej-mock content script initialization folder name.

Distribution update

  • Updated to Eclipse version 2020-06.
  • Fixed low quality MacOS SDK icons.

NOTE: Since the Eclipse version was updated, you will be asked to migrate existing workspaces used with a previous version of MICROEJ SDK.

NOTE: Starting with this release, only 64bits JRE are supported because 32bits JRE support has been removed since Eclipse version 2018-12. See this link for more details.

Find the complete MICROEJ SDK release notes at Index of /p2.

Happy coding!
The MicroEJ Team

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