New MicroEJ SDK Available Distribution 20.07

Hi all,

We are proud to announce the release of a brand new and improved MICROEJ SDK Distribution 20.07 containing the latest MICROEJ SDK 5.2.

MICROEJ SDK is available at MicroEJ Developer - Get Started With MicroEJ Technology.

The MICROEJ SDK is now available as a distribution meaning MicroEJ will package a fully functional deliverable including the latest and greatest features or our IDE. You can also update the MicroEJ SDK Distribution 19.05 by using the Help > Check for Updates feature.

Here are the highlights of the changelog for MICROEJ SDK 5.2:


  • Added Dist. prefix in default workspace and repository name to avoid confusion between MicroEJ SDK distribution vs MicroEJ SDK version.
  • Removed MicroEJ Copyright in Java class template and skeletons files.
  • Fixed Stopping a MicroEJ launch in the progress view doesn’t stop the launch.

MicroEJ Module Manager

The dependency management in MICROEJ SDK 5.2 is now called “Module Manager”, it has its own preference page and settings at Window > Preference > MicroEJ > Module Manager.

Build Natures

  • Improved MicroEJ repositories management and support.
  • More custom ways to bundle repositories and virtual devices with a branded Studio.


  • Update and improvements on the default MicroEJ application sketelons.


  • Updated End User License Agreement.
  • Added support for generating Application Options in reStructured Text format.

Find the complete MICROEJ SDK release notes at Index of /p2.

Happy coding!
The MicroEJ Team