New Developer Website!

Since its launch, MicroEJ Developer website has had a strong organic growth of both content and available software components made available for developer teams interested in building smart and connected IoT devices.

In order to simplify the retrieval of relevant information, a new user experience has been designed resulting in a straight forward web navigation giving all the necessary information to set up your development area, fix bugs, connect your device to the Cloud and create embedded Graphical User Interfaces.

For more clarity, this new website is now solely focused on MICROEJ SDK, the complete MicroEJ software suite to create embedded platforms and apps.

Particular attention has been paid on the “get started” section in order to ease the evaluation process of MicroEJ technology through two simple steps:

Two important sections have also been created in order to help developer find hand’s-on examples, sample code and documentation on the following subjects:

The developer website also hosts the comprehensive MicroEJ on-line documentation, easily reached from an “always on” side toolbar. MicroEJ’s application, platform and kernel technical guides have been reworked and updated. Available at:

MICROEJ Studio, now available within MICROEJ SDK, aimed at developers looking to rapidly built, test and deploy apps for powered-by MicroEJ devices is still available for MicroEJ customers to create a branded “Studio” for their eco-system of developers. Contact us for more information.

Go check it now and tell us what you think:

Happy coding!

MicroEJ Team

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